What to expect from Jumia and Kilimall Kenya on Black Friday in 2016

Black Friday is bigger than any other shopping event in the world. This may be a new term in Kenya, but it is not new to some parts of the world. Jumia Black Friday has been an anticipated day in the Kenya for a very long time as it marks the day right after Thanksgiving. Kenya was recently opened up to Black Friday with the onset of online companies in the country. The two leading e-commerce sites that have been in the forefront of making black Friday a reality in Kenya are Kilimall and Jumia.

2016 Black Friday is going to be the biggest event in Kenya, and I am here to prepare you for the same as you wait to enjoy some of the best deals that you have probably never heard of. The first thing that you ought to know is that there will be super discounts on most of the products that sell at Kilimall and Jumia. This will make it possible for you to purchase some of the items that have been on your wish list this year.


2016 Black Friday deals in Kenya


When you think about black Friday, you ought to think about what the two leading e-commerce sites will be offering on that day. One thing that is certain concerning that day is that products are going to be really affordable than on any other day. Kilimall and Jumia will work to ensure that they get the highest discounts on products so that they will have most customers on their site. The reason as to why both companies will be in a rush to do that is because they need to retain their customers even after Black Friday.

The likelihood of shopping in either Kilimall or Jumia after Black Friday is high if a customer is satisfied with the special offers that will be on that day. The deals for 2016 on Black Friday in Kenya are expected to be enticing. Ads that will be placed on every platform will lure you to spend some good amount of money on either Kilimall or Jumia on that day. There is a high likelihood that both sites will be having competing offers that might confuse customers on where to shop from. In 2016, Black Friday deals are likely to be better than anything else that we have ever had; the best thing is to start saving money to spend on that day.


How to get the best out of 2016 black Friday in Kenya




Black Friday is without a doubt happening sooner than it was happening at the beginning of the year. There are so many ways that you can benefit from the deals that Jumia and Kilimall will be having on that day. I know that most people have not thought about this, but this happens to be one of the ways that you can make Black Friday a win-win situation.

Most of the products are going to be selling at almost half the usual price if not half the price. Items such as electronics are one of those that will be going at special offers. As such any smart person can take advantage of the deals by buying more than one item on both Kilimall and Jumia and later resell it. This may sound a little bit cheeky, but hey! You are the one that used your internet bundles and time to make the orders and a such you will need some sort of appreciation if the orders go through. There is no way that you can sell a product at the same price that you bought it. Smart thinkers will benefit from Black Friday more than most people.

Buying and reselling is not the only way that you can benefit from the Black Friday deals that will be going down on Kilimall and Jumia; you can as well be a smart shopper by doing in-depth research on items that are going to be on offer on that day. By so doing, you will not waste a lot of time on Black Friday shopping for products on the same day that the deals will be going down. One thing that you ought to know is that you are not the only person that will be anticipating for Black Friday 2016, many Kenyans are on their mark as they wait for that day so that they can shop for lots of items that you need. Just like in any other shop, when the demand is higher than the supply, products get out of stock. It is only the fast and smart people that shall get the best out of this day. Early window shopping as well as watching out for ads concerning the big day will play a significant role if you want to benefit from Black Friday 2017 Kenya.




Unlike other countries, you will not get major stores having offers for Black Friday 2016; such deals will most likely be on e-commerce sites. This means that it is not the speed of your legs that will get you the products that you want but rather the speed of your internet connectivity. To make as many orders as you would want to, you will need fast internet connectivity. We all know that Jumia and Kilimall are the largest players when it comes to online shopping; as such you expect that the traffic on their sites is going to be crazy. Someone with slow internet connectivity may not get the products that they may desire as most of them will be sold out while their laptops or their smartphones are still loading. The faster the internet connectivity the higher the chances that one will make as many orders as possible.

Last but not least is that you need to have  some money that you have kept aside for Black Friday 2016. Most people in Kenya are in the habit of having a last minute rush, and at this point, they might start asking for money from people to buy some stuff from either Kilimall or Jumia on that day. If you don’t want to be part of the people that will be asking for money from all you friends, then you better start saving now before the D-day. Since most items are going to be really affordable, you can set aside a substantial amount of money in which you should have budgeted for the items that you will need on that day.


Black Friday 2016 is here, and Kenya is ready for it than ever before. The deals are awesome, prices are really low, and the sales will be high. Jumia and Kilimall are two e-commerce companies that will make sure that this day becomes bigger than the former ones. I know that both will be having deals to die for which will be good. It is thus important that customers have a strategy on where they will shop so that they don’t get lost of choice on that day. Irrespective of how good the deals will be, your financial status will determine how much you will benefit from these offers.