Best Smartphones Kenyan Shoppers Crave

In looking at smartphone review and top price lists it’s easy to see that Kenya follows the world in the mobile brands they want. It’s also necessary for sellers to see that most shoppers in this country know the best smartphones in Kenya aren’t always the most expensive. Kenyans have shown themselves to be careful and consciences buyers. Perhaps because of these cautious habits millions have come to love using their smartphones. A smartphone can truly enhance a user’s life. With all the brand names now becoming more common place selecting the right one for personal users is more difficult. Doing some research into brands and phones to compare smartphone sales price is a good method of making the decision. Famous brands such as Sony, Apple, Samsung and Nokia are searched for in Kenya, but other brands such as HTC and Karzea see the most sales.

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The Best Brands?

Best mobile phone brand

Apple quickly overshadowed BlackBerry with the first iPhone. How? While the construction of the first iPhone’s looked very simple this one device offered the user a number of features and apps. No longer did the user of a mobile need to carry a phone, camera, video camera, MP3 player, radio, or games with them as they traveled. In fact, those with the first iPhones found they could order books electronic and read these on their device. While the BlackBerry came close and has always offered a better screen design it was found all these aspects on such as small device very difficult competition. Other companies have found their own niches. Sony gives those who need a top of the line camera along with a smartphone exactly what they want. Nokia offers a tougher, well designed smartphone for the home or office. Really finding the best is a matter of reading the reviews, looking for sales, checking smartphone reviews of features, and base a decision on the one that suits personal desires.

High End Smartphones

When you compare smartphone sales in Kenya, of the iPhone against Blackberry, Apple is the sure winner. No matter which a buyer finds is the right option, the cost will be higher than average sale in Kenya. One popular choice at present is the iPhone 6s Plus. Constructed of 7000 Series aluminum this smartphone is strongly constructed, but the weight is slightly greater than most of the latest smartphones at 192 grams. The iOS 9 operating system gives the user the benefit of the latest Apple apps. This operating system isn’t a benefit for every user, as the Apple apps in general are more expensive than Android. The trade-off is a more secure phone, and trust applications, but for many the greater price makes it undesirable. In move to be more competitive other high end phones have finally started to offer Android phones.

High End with Better Options

The BlackBerry Priv is a high end phone that is among the first of this brand to have broken the private OS barrier. With a wide display screen, and physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard this is the same “all business” style that many BlackBerry rave about. What’s new is this brand has noted the demand for Android and answered it with the BlackBerry Priv as it runs the 5.1.1 Lollipop OS. This allows the user to buy apps from Google and others offering comparable cheapapplications.

The Best Sony Smartphones

Sony made its brand name famous with image and sound. Some of the finest cameras and radios, FM radios, and MP3 players have come from this company starting in the 1960’s. With this reputation it’s only natural they main competitive edge comes from the best smartphone cameras, screen image, and sound found in any smartphone. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium reflects the history of the Sony company with a 23 MP back facing camera, a 1MP front camera, clear easy to use 5.5” IPS capacitive touchscreen. This is not on the cheap end as with some Sony offerings, but it does have Android version 5 OS allowing for a cheap selection of applications.

A Leading Brand

One of theleading brand names for a mid-range smartphone is Samsung. While not cheap, when a buyer elects to seek the best smartphones in Kenya with others on the high end of cost this brand is never found lacking. Customers have found these phones will survive constantly daily use better than all others on the market. Out of the popular Galaxy series from Samsung one that many in Kenya have found a great middle price selection is the Galaxy J1 Ace. While the retail price is above Ksh. 11,000 this is a stylish, well-functioning smartphone. The operating system is Android v4.4.4.  The only doubt some might have is the smaller 4.3” inch screen, but the display is Super AMOLED Capacitive with 480 x 800 pixels, and a 217ppi screen resolution density. Front and back facing cameras round out the smartphone. This choice does have Dual SIM and 4G connectivity.

An Expensive OS for Less

Some of the best deals on smartphones come as a surprise. Microsoft is a big brand well known throughout the world so a lower price option is a pleasant discovering. The Microsoft Lumia 430, and Snapdragon 200 is a very cheap option, and it’s a remarkably good deal when buyers look at this handset, and considering the smartphone price Kenyan shoppers pay for this brand. On the market for under Ksh 8000 buyers can have the Windows Phone 8.1 already installed or upgrade to Windows 10. This handset has two cameras front and back. This makes using Skype on the handset or taking a selfie simple, and both sensors have VGA.

Solid Smartphone Choices

Moto phone

While Motorola entries fall into the budget list, some of the brand’s smartphones are still among the lowest in price for smartphone shoppers in Kenya as far as quality. The Moto G has the solid construction and round design that many of the latest smartphones have copied. This a water resistant smartphone with IPX7 certification. The 2470 mAh battery is good for a long charge, but unfortunately it’s not removable. Buyers have the option of the 16GB or 32GB version.

Best Budget Camera Phone

Tecno is a stable on the Kenyan market. One of the first to offer award winning dual SIM phones, it quickly become one of the top companies serving this country. The company continues to bring entertainment as well as functionality to its smartphones. It’s newest entry with the Techno Boom J7. This handset comes with a Boom player already installed. The player gives the devices user access to both local and international hit songs, and the music can be downloaded or streamed. With this featured app it’s simple to organize and listen to music no matter where the handsets user is located. The Camon C8 another smartphone in the Tecno line offers a camera that operates very well in low light with a dual LED flash. Looking at any smartphone review of both phones it’s very clear these devices are heavily favored.

Looking for a Leading Brand

One company is seeking to take the lead by working with Google to create useful and creative apps. Infinix Mobility has launched successful series phones before, and now with the Infinix Hot 2 they are making a big difference for many smartphone users in this country. This device was initial launched as one of the first offer a smartphone with the Android 5.1 Lollipop. This move pushed other mobile companies to also offer at least a device upgradable to this operating system, but this hasn’t completely taken the edge away from Infinix. The large scale market of the Hot 2 remains high in no small part due to the devices HD screen and 13 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash.

Always a Good Deal

Some of the best smartphones in Kenya’s market enter quietly, without much fanfare, and this is true of HTC. HTC is however, a consistent maker, and a seller of quality smartphones. Many customers who opted for the A9 will not be interested in giving this selection up, but the HTC 10 might tempt them despite its hefty price. Behind that cost there is the Microsoft OS, a 3,000mAh battery, and a high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset.

The Best Deal for Unique Options

Outside of BlackBerry few smartphones still offer the slide options. The slide isn’t the best smartphone for Kenyan buyers who need an uncomplicated option. The reason for doubts about slide smartphones goes back to the time when more were offered, often at low prices. The workmanship and quality of slides must be excellent or as many users discovered these are subject to breakage. When Wiko mobile came out with the Slide 2 many customers were confused, which is unfortunate. The name is given the handset for the HD phablet and the touchscreen that anyone can truly enjoy.

Finding a Personal Best

Reading smartphone reviews from Kenya’s many new users, and checking lists while shopping for a new smartphone is a very good method of discovering new products. The typical shopper will need to check up to at least five possibilities before making a decision on the perfect mobile device.